Teaching Parts of Speech!

I have always LOVED teaching parts of speech. Maybe it’s my love of singing and dancing (which can easily be added to these lessons), or maybe it’s my love of sorting (perfect for teaching parts of speech). Either way…it’s such an important skill that students need to master to be successful in life. Knowing parts of speech inside and out help students with reading, writing, and so much more!

Here are a couple of anchor charts that I have used for teaching nouns and adjectives…


Disclaimer: I am an AWFUL drawer 🙂

This noun chart is pretty traditional and helps students distinguish between people, places and things. I didn’t include ideas in this chart, but you could easily add it if you wanted to. Also, I always discuss the category “animals” with students and let them debate if animals should be included in the “people” or “things” category. It’s actually a great side lesson and interesting to hear second graders give their opinions and reasonings! Try it!



This adjective chart is a little different than ones I’ve used in the past. I thought it was a fun way to introduce adjectives! I’m not really sure what the “x” personality trait really means (had to google it), but it was all I could come up with. HAHA!

Now…for my love of song and dance. Below is a FREEBIE! I created this little song as a cute way to introduce and practice what nouns are! Hopefully in the near future I will create ones for adjectives, verbs, etc.


You can download it here: The Noun Song Freebie!

Now for my love of sorting to help teach parts of speech…

I’ve linked this product to my TPT store here: Parts of Speech Sorting Extravaganza!

It includes 16 cutting/gluing sorting activities all for just $2.00. I can’t begin to tell you how many uses there are for these!  Independent practice- check! Assessments- check! Homework- check! Literacy centers- check! Perfect classwork when you have a substitute- check!

I hope these things help in your classroom!

What are your favorite ways to teach parts of speech?

-Mrs. B




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