TONS of 2nd grade Common Core Writing Prompts

Do you ever have a hard time coming up with relatable, yet rich and challenging writing prompts for the Common Core Standards? I know I did! After being sick of scrounging the internet, books, old writing textbooks, etc. to find meaningful and engaging prompts, I decided to compile a big list of writing prompts for each category of writing: informational, personal narrative, and opinion writing for second grade. These could also work in a first or third grade classroom.

Informational/Explanatory Writing: 30 prompts aligned to the CCSS, 3 different graphic organizers, 30 informational writing pages with prompt at top and lines to write, a blank writing page template


Personal Narrative Writing: 31 prompts aligned to the CCSS, 3 different graphic organizers, 31 writing pages with the prompts at the top and lines to write, a blank writing page template for students who need more space

Opinion Writing: 30 prompts aligned to the CCSS, a  graphic organizer to help brainstorm a topic sentence, 3 reasons to support the opinion, and a concluding sentence, opinion writing page with prompt at the top and lines to write for each prompt


These products are a great supplement to the current curriculum you are using in your classroom. They can easily be used as an assessment, on demand writing, morning work, writing center, writing workshop, Daily 5, homework packet, etc. I also LOVE putting these in my sub plans because students are familiar with them, it’s not busy work, and they are getting good writing practice while you are out of the classroom!

I hope these resources are helpful to you! Let me know how you use them!

-Mrs. B


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