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The Most Unique Year Long 5th Grade Reading Log That Helps Teach Social Studies!

Are you a fifth (or fourth) grade teacher? Do you want a great way to motivate your students to read? Do you want an easy, independent student reading log that tracks your students’ reading for the ENTIRE year? Do your students need to learn the states and capitals this year? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then look no further!


This is a year long reading log that can be used to track student reading at home while also helping students learn the US states and capitals. Students will attempt to “travel” to each state capital by either minutes read or pages read. Each mile= 1 minute read or 1 page read.

Example: Students must read 209 minutes or 209 pages (teacher decides which one) in order to travel from Nashville, Tennessee to Frankfort, Kentucky. They continue on reading until they have reached and traveled to all 50 states and capitals!

When I tried this out with my students, I had NO IDEA just how motivating this would be. I would overhear students casually chat to each other about what state capital they were currently at, ask how many more “miles” until they reached the next state capital, etc. Then when it was actually time to focus on learning the states and capitals, it was A BREEZE! I’m so happy with the way this year long reading log played out.

Here are more pictures of what the reading log looked like:

Example reading log
Student checklist of all the capitals                 they’ve traveled to



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I hope you enjoy!

-Mrs. B 🙂