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Roll a Number!

There’s something about adding dice to a printable worksheet that turns a boring page into something kids think is fun.

This is a spin on the traditional number of the day for numbers 1-12. Students roll one or two dice (two different worksheet options) and fill out the page based on the number that was rolled.

I find this worksheet perfect for math centers or a quick math warmup before a lesson.


If you are going to use this sheet daily, consider printing a copy for each student, stuffing it in a sheet protector, and have students fill it out with a dry erase marker! When students are done, either collect or have them place on the corner of their desk and you can quickly walk around and glance at each student’s paper to check understanding. Then simply erase and it’s ready for the next day!

You can download the product HERE! Hope you enjoy and happy back to school this month (for many)!!

-Mrs. B

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Double Digit WORD PROBLEMS for the Partial Sum Method

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE the partial sum method? (HAHA, KIDDING!)

It’s only fitting the first method I created a resource for word problems is for partial sum ūüôā


Here’s why I LOVE the partial sum method:

  1. It’s great for visual learners. I’m a visual learner and I love how I can easily see what I’m doing when I’m adding tens and ones.
  2. It’s great to use for your students that struggle in math. It’s AWESOME for intervention. Your lowest math students will succeed and feel incredible that they can succeed using this method!
  3. It’s so much more fun than the traditional method!

Check out this product HERE and let me know what you think! Hope you like it!

-Mrs. B



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One Stop Shop for Teaching Addition Multiple Ways!

Calling all primary teachers! Do you teach addition (double and triple digit) to your students? Of course you do! Well I’m (hopefully) making it super easy for you. I have created multiple resources (SOME FREE), to help teach/practice/master addition for ALL your students.

That’s right…even your struggling math students will be able to understand and master addition using these methods. Forget the traditional way (well maybe don’t completely forget), but give students the opportunity to fully understand the concept of addition with and without regrouping using these methods and resources:

  1. The Base Ten Method- This method is my favorite to use for math intervention. In fact, I start by teaching this method first because it really helps with conceptual understanding.


Base Ten Resources:

Base Ten Addition Pack!

2. Partial Sum Method- This is my personal FAVORITE of the methods. It blows my mind for some reason! YES, YES, YES to whoever realized and created this way to add! I have resources for both double and triple digit addition for this method and a FREEBIE.


Partial Sum Resources:

Partial Sum Freebie

Partial Sum Triple Digit Addition Pack

Partial Sum Double Digit Addition Pack

Partial sum Double Digit Holiday Pack

(Can you tell this is my FAV??)

3. Decomposition Method- This method takes a little longer to master, but is really important to help students understand decomposing numbers. It helps with so much more in addition to addition!


Decomposition Resources:

Decomposition Addition Pack

Resources that include ALL 3 Methods:

January Multiple Methods

February Multiple Methods

As I continue to create more resources for addition, I will update this page ūüôā

Thanks for stopping by!


Mrs. B

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Partial Sum Addition FREEBIE!

It’s been awhile since I created a freebie, so I figured it was time! This simple graphic organizer/worksheet printable is an easy way to help introduce and practice addition using the partial sum method!


You can download the FREEBIE HERE!

Be sure to check out my other products to help teach addition using multiple methods:

Partial Sum Addition 

Base Ten Addition

Decomposition Addition

Triple Digit Partial Sum Addition


Thanks for stopping by!

-Mrs. B

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Partial Sum Addition: Triple Digits!

After creating multiple products to help teach addition with multiple methods for double digit numbers, I decided to start creating some for triple digits too!


This product is designed to help teach addition through the hundreds. It has resources for addition without regrouping and with regrouping.

The product includes:

-3 mini posters/anchor charts for partial sum triple digit addition

-4 printable worksheets and answer keys (2 without regrouping and 2 with regrouping)

-2 assessments and answer keys (1 without regrouping and 1 with regrouping)

-1 cut/paste sorting activity to help with partial sum of numbers


I hope you enjoy it! You can preview the entire product HERE!

-Mrs. B

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How to Keep Your Pencils from Disappearing in the Classroom!

Do your personal teacher pencils disappear? Do you feel like you’re always buying new ones for yourself and your desk? If so, look no further with this FREE and easy way to keep track of your pencils!

When I taught fourth grade, my pencils went missing daily. Sometimes it was fault. I would walk around with a pencil and know that I didn’t bring it back to my desk. By the end of the day, the pencil was nowhere to be found and it never was…

I also had a feeling that at times my pencils ended up in my students’ hands. I wanted to get to the bottom of my missing pencils. What was happening to them?



This simple trick that took minutes was all it took! I took a sharpie, made an easy design by the eraser, and POOF! When my pencils went missing I could do a quick glance around the room at all the pencils being used or laying around the room and could easily find mine!

Hope this makes you as happy as it made me HAHA!

-Mrs. B


TONS of 2nd grade Common Core Writing Prompts

Do you ever have a hard time coming up with relatable, yet rich and challenging writing prompts for the Common Core Standards? I know I did! After being sick of scrounging the internet, books, old writing textbooks, etc. to find meaningful and engaging prompts, I decided to compile a big list of writing prompts for each category of writing: informational, personal narrative, and opinion writing for second grade. These could also work in a first or third grade classroom.

Informational/Explanatory Writing: 30 prompts aligned to the CCSS, 3 different graphic organizers, 30 informational writing pages with prompt at top and lines to write, a blank writing page template


Personal Narrative Writing: 31 prompts aligned to the CCSS, 3 different graphic organizers, 31 writing pages with the prompts at the top and lines to write, a blank writing page template for students who need more space

Opinion Writing: 30 prompts aligned to the CCSS, a  graphic organizer to help brainstorm a topic sentence, 3 reasons to support the opinion, and a concluding sentence, opinion writing page with prompt at the top and lines to write for each prompt


These products are a great supplement to the current curriculum you are using in your classroom. They can easily be used as an assessment, on demand writing, morning work, writing center, writing workshop, Daily 5, homework packet, etc. I also LOVE putting these in my sub plans because students are familiar with them, it’s not busy work, and they are getting good writing practice while you are out of the classroom!

I hope these resources are helpful to you! Let me know how you use them!

-Mrs. B

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Opinion Writing Pack and a FREEBIE!

Calling all 2nd and 3rd grade teachers! Do you need an easy opinion writing unit that doesn’t take YEARS to prep, is common core aligned, engaging, and student centered? Well look no further!



From ready to print anchor charts, to sorts, games, graphic organizers, writing prompts, assessments, checklists, etc. this pack has pretty much EVERYTHING you need to start a successful writing unit. One of the reasons I love this unit so much is because of the resources to help scaffold and differentiate instruction when needed. If you teach ELL students, this resource is especially helpful! The graphic organizers, charts, sentence stems, etc. really help every student succeed! I even included a breakdown of how to use all the resources to implement a 4o day opinion writing unit!


A few years back when teaching 2nd grade, I was trying so hard to teach opinion writing with the common core standards without having all the resources I really needed. I¬†felt that my teaching was all over the place. I would use free revised Lucy Calkin’s lessons that I found online, various common core aligned lessons/activities/printables I found, and random books I had in my classroom library to help. While I was happy with how my students’ writing was improving and progressing, I felt lost, stressed, and ALWAYS thinking about WHAT I was going to teach next. I never really had a full plan with where I was going. That’s¬†when this pack was created. It made my life so much easier, my students writing so much better, and it was actually a very fun unit to do! Other teachers have tried it and so far I’ve heard only positive results! I hope your classroom has the same success and fun as well!


Get one of the opinion writing graphic organizers for free  HERE!

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. B


3 Different Ways to Teach Addition

It’s no new news that teaching only the the “standard” way to add is not sufficient in the classroom. With the way education is changing, students are expected to find multiple ways to come to answers, explain their reasoning, and show their work. How else do you teach students to add 23+57? Look no further!

Here are 3 of my favorite methods to help teach students addition!

Base Ten Method



Partial Sum Method


Decomposition Method



These methods really help students understand place value and conceptually understand what they are doing when they add.

Do you have any other methods that you like to teach for addition?

-Mrs. B.


February Multiple Methods Addition Pack!

I can’t believe we are almost half way through January!! I don’t know about you, but for me it’s gone by SO fast! Anyway…

back to common core math (my newest obsession on TPT)!

I have already created the February Multiple Methods Addition Pack for you all! It’s just like the January one where it includes:


3 methods for double digit addition (base ten, partial sum, decomposition)

2 anchor charts per method (one with regrouping and one without regrouping)

2 practice pages and answer keys for each method (6 total)

1 assessment for all the methods and answer key


**You can preview the entire product HERE**

If you haven’t introduced these methods into your classroom yet, be sure to check out my other posts on each individual method!